Solar Assist System

Fert Pro:

Remote control any existing VSD via PC, Tablet or smart phone. Our system also caters for Fertigation, booster pump control, Eskom tarriff control, pump priming, pipe filling, over and under current high and low flow protection, 16 output valve outputs available, with 4732 auto irrigate program options.


VSD Maxi Panels

Step by Step Guide on how to operate the Maxi Panels of the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) by Power Factor Systems (PFS).

Click here to have a look at our video click – user guide manual – taking you through the set up of this machine:


Video 2 – New Screens Update

Vsd Starter Remote Control Capability – Connect your pump to your computer PC or Smart Phone and have access to it from anywhere int he world.


Power Factor Systems – New Screens on Standard VSD Panels (Variable Speed Drive) Irrigation Systems Technology. Pressure / VSD Temperature / Percentage Motor Load / Motor Speed Touch Screens. Vsd Starter – water regulation pump system for advanced irrigation technology – servicing throughout Southern Africa – Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Congo, Botswana, Tanzania